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Milford School Board


School Board Vision Statement

It is the Vision of the Milford School Board that: 

The Milford School District will be an inspiring community where deep learning and strong relationships empower ALL students to become designers of their own story.


School Board Mission Statement

It is the Mission of the Milford School Board that:

The Milford School District nurtures all learners to be designers of their own stories by supporting:

  • Relevant and engaging learning experiences to ensure every graduate is fully prepared to pursue individual higher learning opportunities and in demand careers, enabling them to become positive role models, responsible citizens and innovative contributors to a robust, dynamic economy.
  • Diverse perspectives that find common ground for the greater good through ongoing engagement.
  • Meaningful opportunities for student voice and choice.
  • Caring Supportive, and collaborative relationships in and across communities.
  • Well maintained facilities and infrastructure to enable and support student achievement, fiscal efficiency and cost effective delivery of programs and services.
  • Fostering innovation to ensure continuous improvement and excellence in our schools, district, and community.


Belief Statements


  • Education is a shared responsibility of the individual, family, school and community.
  • High expectations challenge people to higher levels of performance.
  • All people are expected to act with reason, respect and responsibility.
  • It is essential to appreciate diversity and value the contributions of others.
  • Education should be appropriate to the cognitive, social and emotional needs of students.
  • Teachers and others who support a child’s education are valuable assets.
  • District resources must be used as efficiently and effectively as possible.