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2406 - Staff Conflict of Interest

2406 Staff Conflict of Interest 2406

Employees of the District will not engage in, or have a financial interest in, any activity that raises a reasonable question of conflict of interest with their duties and responsibilities as members of the school staff. This includes but is not limited to:
  1. Employees will not participate for financial remuneration in outside activities
    wherein their position on the staff is used to sell goods or services to pupils or their
  1. Employees who have patented or copyrighted any device, publication, or other
    item will not receive royalties for use of such item in the district schools.
  1. Employees will not engage in any type of work where the source of information
    concerning customer, client, or employer originates from information obtained through the
    school system.
  1. School employees will not solicit or sell for personal gain any educational materials
    or equipment within the School District. Nor will any employees make available lists of
    names of students or parents or employees of the district to anyone for sales purposes.
  1. The District will not purchase supplies or materials from a staff member of the
    school district, nor from a member of the household of the staff member.
  1. The Board instructs management to use discretion in the hiring of relatives in the
    areas of personnel management and payroll.
Adopted: October 1995
Revised: September 2001, June 2007