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2417 - (GC) Exit Interviews

2417 (GC) Exit Interviews 2417 (GC)
In order to attract and retain quality employees, the Superintendent shall establish and maintain an exit interview process to solicit, capture, and analyze information from employees who are leaving service regarding the employee’s perspective of their experience with the District employment, reasons for leaving employment, and their suggestions on ways their employment experience could have been improved. Employees leaving service may elect to provide feedback to the Superintendent and School Board through the Exit Interview Survey (GC-R). Personally identifiable information of the employee will be redacted unless otherwise specified. All other personally identifiable information will be redacted.
The Superintendent shall provide a summary report and accompanying data to the Board during the September and January Board meetings.
Ref:  RSA 189:14
Adopted:  12/1979
Revised:  3/1989, 7/1997,6/2007, 10/2019, 3/6/2023
Milford School District/SAU #40 Exit Interview Survey
Exit Interview Purpose:

The exit interview process, is intended to provide employees, who are voluntarily leaving
the Milford School District, with the opportunity to provide feedback on culture, job
satisfaction, benefits and pay offerings. The purpose of the exit interview and survey,
below, is to gain insight into opportunities to improve the future employee experience. The
Milford School District encourages exiting employees to be direct and honest in their
responses. Information collected during exit interviews will provide perspective on
organizational performance and employee satisfaction.

Exit Interview Privacy Statement:

We value your feedback, however; if unethical or criminal behavior, incidents of
discrimination or harassment, regulatory non-compliance or other legal issues are
disclosed, the Human Resources Department may be obligated to notify the Affirmative
Action/Equal Opportunity Office, Police Services, Audit Services, and/or Superintendent of
Schools. The information provided in these circumstances may include personally
identifiable information.
Do you wish to have this information shared with the Milford School Board,
excluding any personally identifiable information regarding other staff members,
besides yourself?
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Section I: Reason for Leaving
Please select, one or more, choices below, for why you left your current position:
Reason for leaving
Before making the decision to leave, did you discuss options to stay with the
Did you discuss this first?
If you answered yes to the preceding question, please explain below:
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If you are leaving for another job, what does your new job offer, that your current
position, does not?
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Please rate your salary/rate of pay and benefits offered at the Milford School District: *
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Please explain your experience with the District's Administration during your tenure
of employment:
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