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2420 - Temporary Alternative Duty Policy

2420 Temporary Alternative Duty Policy 2420

I. Purpose

The Milford School District adopts the policy that it is important to provide meaningful work during the time of healing and strengthening following a work-related illness or injury to retain the knowledge and expertise of the employee, and to maintain the dignity and respect of the employee associated with the respective positions.

Temporary Alternative Duty is meant to be temporary and transitional in nature to return the employee back to full duty. This program will last as long as the employee continues to transition back to the position at full duty, but not longer than 18 months. Once the transition concludes, the Supervisor shall re-evaluate the temporary program in which the employee is participating.

This program is not intended to address those situations in which an employee has been deemed to be permanently disabled and unable to resume his/her previous position.

II. Procedure

a) The injured employee shall have the treating physician complete the NH Workers’
Compensation Medical Form (75 WCA-1). The District shall provide the employee’s job
description essential task analysis to the treating physician. Upon completion, the injured
employee will be responsible for returning the form to his/her supervisor.

b) The supervisor will work with the employee to facilitate a safe return to the work
program with limitations listed by the treating physician. If a job description essential task
analysis is needed for the treating physician to determine limitations, the employee will
notify his/her supervisor. If necessary, the supervisor may contact the treating physician
if additional information is needed regarding the employee’s limitations.

c) The employee shall obtain an updated medical form, completed by the treating
physician following every medical appointment, but in intervals no longer than forty-five
days. The form shall be returned to the supervisor.

d) Additional modifications will be made to the temporary alternate duty program as
necessitated by the treating physician’s NH Workers’ Compensation Medical Form. The
supervisor will be responsible for reviewing the appropriateness of continuing the program
or duty assignments as necessary.

e) Steps a through d may be repeated until such time, but not longer than 18 months,
as the employee is able to return to his/her normal position or has been determined to be
permanently disabled.

f) Appeals shall be in accordance with district procedures.

Reference: RSA 281-A:23-b
Adopted: 10/05/2009