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2420 - (GBGD) Workers Compensation

2420 (GBGD) Workers Compensation 2420 (GBGD)

I. Policy
In compliance with RSA 281-A:23-b, the Milford School District will provide temporary alterative/transitional work opportunities to all employees temporarily disabled by a work-related injury or illness.
II. Purpose
The Milford School District adopts the policy that it is important to provide meaningful work during the time of healing and strengthening following a work-related illness or injury in order to assist employees in their transition back to full duty.
III. Procedure
The Temporary Alternative Work Program will be available to employees for a period of time extending as long as the circumstances of the illness/injury requires, but not longer than one hundred and twenty (120) days, as dictated by the treating physician and as such duties are available.
This program is not intended to address those situations in which an employee has been deemed to be permanently disabled and unable to resume their previous position.

a) The injured employee shall have the treating physician complete the NH Workers’ Compensation Medical Form. The District shall provide the employee’s job description essential task analysis to the treating physician. Upon completion, the injured employee will be responsible for returning the form the Human Resources Department.

b) The Human Resources Department will work with the employee to facilitate a safe return to the work program with limitations listed by the treating physician. If necessary, the Human Resources Department may contact the treating physician if additional information is needed.

c) After each subsequent visit, the ill/injured employee will be responsible for providing an updated medical form completed by the treating physician and returned to the Human Resources department.

d) Additional modifications will be made to the temporary alternate duty program as necessitated by the treating physician’s NH Workers’ Compensation Medical Form. The supervisor and the Human Resources Department will be responsible for reviewing the appropriateness of continuing the program or duty assignments as necessary.
e) Steps a A through d D may be repeated until such time, but not longer than four (4) months, until the employee is able to return to their normal position or has been determined to be permanently disabled.

f) Upon release by the treating physician, the employee will assume normal duties of their regular position.

g) Appeals shall be in accordance with district procedures.

Reference: RSA 281-A:23-b
Adopted: 10/05/2009
Revised: 3/21/2022